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Starting a new project and have a few questions? Here you can find the answers to some of your potential queries: Question not answered? Give us a call on +351920089792 or fill out our quick contact form and we will get back to you.

How much does a website cost?

Unfortunately, we don’t have set project prices. Every project we work on has different requirements that alter the spec of the job. So, once we’ve received the brief – we can give you an indication of the cost and timescale.

Where do we host our website

At DVCODEWEB, we use offer Hostinger Hosting package or we can deploy your website on your preferred hosting platform.

Do you redesign existing websites?

Yeah not a problem, we’ll take a look at your current website and outline what we think needs improving. This gives you the option to redesign your current site, or start from scratch.

We have a limited budget, will you still work with us?

Our mindset is that we want to work with clients of the same vision. If you want to improve your brand online, and understand the way we work – and the discussions are of mutual understanding – then we want to work with you. In terms of budget, the easiest way to find out if a project is possible… is to let us know what your budget is. That way, if we know the budget, we can advise the best way of spending your money. website budget a while back that is still relevant.

web agency Faq
Web agency FAQ



What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results

Do this agency give FREE basic SEO?

Yes, on every website we build we offer a SEO basic setup package where we include items like setting up metadata, tracking and analytics setup, site speed e.t.c. Clients can also quote for other SEO services on a monthly basis for further optimization. It’s important to work on the SEO of a website as it significantly brings in more traffic and conversions to your website.

Yes, we do optimize your website for SEO as it is one of the crucial steps that will increase the possibility of getting many leads.

What is ON-PAGE SEO and will you use apply it on my website?

Yes we apply on-pagee SEO to every of our projects. On-page SEO refers to tactics utilized on or within a page to assist it in ranking higher in the search engine. On-page SEO includes both content and the HTML source code of a page (image optimization, keyword optimization, Schema markup, and more), but not external links and other external signals.

External link building is the process of soliciting links to your content from other websites. Who would want to link to your website you may ask? Well people in related industries who could use your informative resources! There are a variety of methods when it comes to building external links, but the general roadmap looks like this: find pages that could use your resource; find the contact information of the authors/webmasters of said pages; kindly invite said authors/webmasters to link to your new and valuable resource.

What is Keyword Research?

Great question! Keyword research helps you determine the keywords for which you should optimize the current and future pages of your site. For example: if your new small business sells employee scheduling software, but you discover that “employee scheduling tool” has higher search volume and lower competition than “employee scheduling software,” you might want to change the copy on your website to reflect that. Keyword research is a way of determining which queries people are entering into search engines so you can publish pages that will show up as results for those queries.

Can you help my business to create google my business?

Sure thing we can! At DVCODEWEB we can help setup your ‘Google My Business’ profile using proven best practice for search rankings. Additionally, if you already have a profile, we can review what you’ve already created and proceed optimise it for you.

When can we expect to see results from the SEO campaign?

SEO is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. It is a long-term investment that should be started as soon as possible in order to see results. However, it can take several months to see results from SEO, and the results you see will depend on the effort you put into it.

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Web Design/Development

What are the advantages of good web design?
  • It sets the first impression.
  • It aids your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.
  • It instills confidence in your brand and ability to service customers.
  • It builds trust with your audience.
Why is Web Design important?

The right web design is essential for your online marketing strategy.

Just having a website will not give you a competitive edge against your competitors. It needs to be mobile-friendly, look professional and load quickly in order to inspire confidence among your visitors. It impacts the perceptions of the users for your brand.

Who owns the completed website?

We provide full ownership to your website design. Our websites are built on top of WordPress and can transfer to most web hosts. We want you to stay with us because you want to, not because you have to.

I already have a domain name. Can I use it?

Yes, we can port the domain to us and manage it on your behalf at no additional cost. If desired, you can choose to keep your existing domain registrar and direct it to the website we build.

Are your Web designs Custom? Do you use templates?

Yes, everything we build is 100% Custom made with unlimited revisions to the design. We are custom starting from the design all the way to your administration area to manage the website yourself. But if the client decides to go with a template due to their budget or whatsoever reason, it is fine by us.

Yes, everything we build is 100% Custom made with unlimited revisions to the design. We are custom starting from the design all the way to your administration area to manage the website yourself. But if the client decides to go with a template due to their budget or whatsoever reason, it is fine by us.

Will you train me or my team on how to use my website?

Yes, we will walk your team through training on how to use your site as we approach launch. We wait until your site is almost complete so that you can learn to use the CMS and make updates on the backend of your actual website! We’ll also record this training so you can see it in the future. 

What is website development?

Website development is the process of developing and building a website. Modern websites are responsive, with a positive user experience and the ability to generate strong and viable leads for your business.

Will my website work on smart phones and tablets as well?

It most certainly will! More people are accessing the web via small screens than ever, and the trend is likely to carry on. If your site doesn’t display or work properly on a mobile or tablet screen, you risk losing a big chunk of your potential audience. It means mobile responsive web design is essential these days. Every website we create is mobile responsive.

What are the payment terms for the design and development of my website?

We like to work on a 30% upfront basis with 30% payable after the designs are agreed and the outstanding 40% payable when the development has been completed and signed off.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free platform on which website designers and developers like us build websites. It provides all the flexibility and functionality we need so you’re easily able to keep your site up to date with new content. We love it, as do millions of business owners. We use it for all the different websites we create, from small business websites to ecommerce sites.

What if I need help on my site down the road?

You can approach us whenever you need our assistance. Our team can sort it out and bring your site back with its functionality. At DvCodeWeb, we first look for the causes behind it and then check with all the technical configurations to provide the best solution for bringing back your website. We would also suggest you with regular maintenance services for your website as it would avoid descending the functionalities of your website.

Can I update the website myself once it’s built?

Yes, you can keep updating your website once it is built, and we would also recommend the same. If you don’t keep your website updated with fresh content, there are possibilities to lose your online visibility in the search engines.

How many days do you require to develop a website?

The development process depends on the package you choose and your requirements. A typical project can take between 25 – 35 working days. However, this is our net development time and in most cases projects last for longer due to our clients feedback or approval time. To get an accurate timeline for your project, contact us with your requirements.

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